Duration: 3\4 hours

Departure from Piazza Pascoli, where the elegant Palazzo Lanfranchi (today a National Museum) is located. This square, which provides a stunning view of the Sassi, was the shooting location of the Chinese-Italian romantic comedy “Let’s Get Married”.

Then we will cross the baroque Piazza San Francesco, where we will identify some spots of the RAI TV series “Sorelle, set in the city of Matera, its old town and its “Sassi”. After that, we will walk through the elegant Piazza Sedile nearby and reach Piazza Duomo and its majestic Apulian Romanesque cathedral. After admiring its baroque architecture inside, we will cross Via S. Potito and Via Muro, the shooting location of some scenes from “The Passion”. It was thanks to Mel Gibson’s movie that this picturesque city became recognised all over the world. Walking along Via Buozzi we will visit Sasso Caveoso, and more specifically: Vico Solitario, the shooting location of  Wonder Woman’s childhood; Madonna d’Idris, where memorable films such as “La Lupa” and Pasolini’s “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” (The Gospel According to St. Matthew) were shot; Santa Lucia alle Malve, a typical, frescoed rock church which was featured in “King David” and “Ben Hur”, when Jesus meets Judas at the market and tells him to “turn the other cheek”. Last but not least we will visit Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, where we will see a picturesque small building perched at the edge of the ravine and where many scenes from movies such as “Il Demonio” (The Demon), “L’uomo delle stelle” (The Star Maker), “Ben Hur”, “Wonder Woman” were filmed. Heading for Porta Pistola, we will skirt the ravine in front of the Park of the Rock Churches, where many films about the life of Jesus, from “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” to the more recent “The Passion”, were shot. Crossing Via Madonna delle Virtù – where the protagonist of the TV series “Sorelle” lives– we will reach the complex of the same name – where the Last Supper and the Washing of the Feet scene from “The Passion” were shot. Here we will visit San Nicola dei Greci and see its precious frescoes. Then, we will go back to the Civita district through Sasso Barisano – if you have seen the movie “Wonder Woman” you might recognise the view from the Church of Sant’Agostino, despite the use of CGI– and finally arrive in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the main square of Matera, where many scenes of the RAI TV series “Sorelle” and “Imma Tataranni” were shot.

RATES: FROM €20,00 (10 people minimum)

Optional visits: National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art (Palazzo Lanfranchi); Madonna d’Idris; Santa Lucia alle Malve; Madonna delle Virtù; San Nicola dei Greci

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