Duration: 3\4 hours

Meet at Piazza della Visitazione. Departure by coach to the Regional Park of the Rock Churches (Murgia Timone). Travelling along via Appia, we will spot many prehistoric villages and ancient caves, then we will reach the panoramic viewpoint (Belvedere) of Murgia Timone, which is perched at the edge of a 100m-high cliff called “gravina” overlooking Matera in all its glory. The movie tour starts right here. This square that overlooks age-old villages and caves will remind you of many films about the Old and New Testament, which were shot here because of the resemblance of Matera and its surroundings to the Holy Land. Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” (The Gospel According to St Matthew) by Pasolini, “The Passion” by Mel Gibson, and “Ben Hur are some of the films that were shot here.

Transfer to Miglionico, where we will admire the majestic Malconsiglio Castle, which dominates the hill and is known for the historical Conspiracy of the Barons (Congiura dei Baroni). The castle was featured in the film “Wonder Woman”. The tour continues with a visit to the Mother Church, with its magnificent Polyptych by Cima da Conegliano, and to the old town, where they shot some scenes of the RAI TV series “Imma Tataranni”.

After enjoying the panoramic view of Lake San Giuliano, we will head towards Montescaglioso through the Pomarico area and see the Masseria San Felice, a historic villa used as the shooting location for many scenes from “Noi e la Giulia” (The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles).

In Montescaglioso we will also visit the cloisters of the Abbey - an ancient medieval complex - and see the outstanding frescoes in the halls upstairs. The tour continues with Porta Sant’Angelo (which offers a wonderful view of Matera’s Park of the Rock Churches), and the Mother Church of St Peter and Paul, which were featured in the films “Noi e la Giulia” (by Edoardo Leo) and “Il Demonio” (The Demon).

RATES: FROM €46.00 (10 people minimum)


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